Common Weaknesses in Applying Qualitative Futures Methods


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Common Weaknesses in Applying Qualitative Futures Methods

Presentation Overview

Positivists vs. Futurists: design differences

Positivists vs. Futurists: researchers’ roles

Alternative possible futures...

…alternative possible futures

Alternative futures: possible, probable, and preferable

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Strategic Planning and Foresight

Categories of data required by common foresight tools...

The context of applied futures research

Identifying change...

Environmental Scanning

Trends, emerging issues… and wild cards.

Environmental Scanning: a basic approach….

Environmental Scanning: a more advanced structure…

Common futures research tools… identifying/monitoring change.

…looking for impacts

Emerging issues of change…

…emerging issues of change, cont’d.

Futures Wheels: Workshop Instructions

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Common futures research tools… critiquing impacts of change.

Existing images of alternative futures: sources

Scenarios: imagining difference through structured processes.

Effective scenarios… provoke ideas!

Basic Scenario Building: FAR/Futures Table

Basic Scenario Building: SRI Scenario Parameter Matrix

Basic Scenario Building: Schwartz/GBN Approach

Basic Scenario Building: Schwartz/GBN Approach, cont’d.

Schwartz/GBN Example: Scenario Matrix for ”Global Agro-Seeds, Inc.”

Basic scenario building, Manoa Approach:

Manoa Approach Example: Three trends for 2030

Manoa Approach Example: Three trends for 2030

Common futures research tools… scenario building.

Strategic Design Trade-offs: Scenario Building as an Example

Effective visions….inspire action!

Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline, Organizational Capacity for Vision Creation

Common futures research tools… visioning.

Strategic Design Trade-offs: Visioning as an Example

Common Research Flaws

Common Research Flaws, cont’d.

Author: Wendy L. Schultz


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