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Eyes on the Journey Ahead

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Effective leaders create meaning, focus, and direction. Leading people into the future means taking them into unknown territory. Forecasts can depend upon the experts' interests ­ which may not be yours. It is certainly unlikely that what drives the success of your organisation now will be what drives its success in the next five or ten years. Achieving a successful, productive growth in a changing environment requires creating a culture of adaptability.

This workshop will show you how to:

  • spot trends of emerging change and assess how they might affect the future success of your organisation;
  • embed the skills of foresight, flexibility, and co-operation in your organisation;
  • learn scenario building techniques used by corporations and public agencies around the world, and share them with your team ­ become your own outside consultant;
  • out-position your competitors by devising strategies that make the most of change before it even happens;
  • generate commitment, buy-in and enthusiasm by creating stories that engage your staff; and
  • apply these techniques to improve performance and the bottom line.

Tools Taught:

  • 360 degree Horizon Scanning

  • Incasting

  • Scenario

  • Strategic Storytelling


"Share a fact and I will learn. Share a truth and I might believe.
Tell me a story and it will live in my memory forever."

Storytelling in your organisation is not an optional extra.
Stories are being, and will be, told. They form the basis of your culture, and are embedded in it. Do you want to be part of creating and influencing them? Do you want to learn to influence the future, and avoid blind spots and habitual behaviours that may be hobbling your organisation's effectiveness?

Scenario building is a vital part of the success of any organisation. It frees people from outmoded worldviews, helping them see solutions outside current constraints. Scenario building offers two vital boosts to the well-being of your organisation. For the longer term, it helps you define strategies for major changes which may surface, sometimes suddenly and unexpectedly, with surprising impacts. Secondly, and more immediately, it teaches flexibility of thought and response, it cuts through the day-to-day assumptions which can blinker an organisation, and it creates a positive self-belief that, whatever happens, we can cope with it. Also ­ it's fun to do (as our incasting scenario exercise will demonstrate)!

Scanning the entire horizon for emerging change is an information-age survival skill. Change can bubble up from anywhere and everywhere ­ just keeping on top of shifts in your own market and moves by your immediate competitors is not enough if you want to rewrite the rules of the game and outpace the field. Winning organisations scout far ahead and far afield for emerging opportunities and potential clients.

Transforming your organisation into a learning organisation
begins with actively searching out emerging issues of change,
and thinking through their potential impacts: it is the foundation of foresight.

Who should attend?
CEOs, MDs, Directors and Senior Managers: executives and decision-makers who want to create a successful future
for their organisation using the best skills of foresight and organisational learning.

The workshop will be interactive, informative, educational, and enjoyable.

Your time, enthusiasm, imagination, and £350 per person (which includes coffees, lunch, a detailed workbook,
and wine to finish the event.)

We would be happy to tailor an in-house programme to your exact needs.

Workshop Leaders: Marie Mosely and Dr. Wendy Schultz.

Marie Mosely is a Business Psychologist, International Speaker and Broadcaster. Her specialist areas include: Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships, Re-Structures ­ getting the people factor right; Co-Operation and Profitability; Managing Stress and Creating Energy; The Art and Impact of Corporate Storytelling.

Marie is a Member of the Media Panel of the British Psychological Society and a former Director of the Professional Speakers Association of Europe. Her clients include some of the most successful organisations in the world.

Wendy Schultz is a Futures Research Consultant. Her clarity and enthusiasm in conveying both the possibilities presented by the future, and the tools to address those possibilities, have won her accolades from peers, clients, and students. She is a Fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation, Design Council Coordinator for Shaping Tomorrow, a Contributing Editor and essayist for the Catalog of Tomorrow, a member of the UK Futurists Network, and visiting faculty at the University of Houston. Her specialties are designing, teaching, and facilitating participatory foresight tools; examples of which are available at http://www.infinitefutures.com/.


30th April 2003, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. BOOKINGS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
21st May 2003, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. BOOKINGS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.
The workshop will begin at 10:00 a.m., but coffee, croissants, and introductions
will be available from 9:30 a.m. for early arrivals.
Lunch will be served in the Private Dining Rooms overlooking the River Quad.
The workshop will finish at 5:00 p.m. with evaluations and a selection of wines.
Please join us for a productive and pleasant day.
agenda. | materials. [not available until two weeks prior to workshop: fresh issues of change.]

Anticipate more workshops offered in September 2003! Email us for updates.



Embed the skills of foresight in your organisation: join us for a day retreat
in the beautiful setting of Wolfson College, University of Oxford,
and learn how to tell the stories of your own successful future.
Oxford is easily accessible by car, train, air or bus.
Map: North Oxford and Wolfson College | Information: Oxford hotels and inns.

Register for Future Focus.

By mail:
Participants may register by printing out the workshop flyer, filling out the registration form, and mailing it,
along with a check made payable to Dr. Wendy Schultz, to 86 Rewley Road, Oxford, OX1 2RQ.
[Future Focus Brochure: Adobe Acrobat .pdf file.] [Future Focus Registration Form: Word .doc file.]

Online registration is made possible via Infinite Futures UK at PayPal, a secure on-line payment service used globally.
If you have never used PayPal before, you will be asked to register, free, in order to link your payment with your email address. You will then be able to use a credit card [Visa, MasterCard, American Express] for payment.

Future Focus: Eyes on the Journey Ahead
30 April 2003, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford
£350.00 per participant or €500.00
Future Focus: Eyes on the Journey Ahead
21 May 2003, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford
£350.00 per participant or €500.00

BOOKINGS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR 30/04/2003 or 21/05/2003. Thank you for your interest!
These workshops will be available next year in September 2003, January 2004, and May 2004:
please feel free to contact Fifth Wave Workshops for further information,
or to schedule an in-house workshop for your organization.

Terms and Conditions

Applicants may cancel their booking at any time, in writing to Wendy Schultz at the booking address. Cancellations received by more than six weeks prior to the booked date will receive a full refund; cancellations made less than six but more than two weeks before the booked date will receive a 50% refund. No refund will be given in respect of any cancellation received by us two weeks or less before the booked date. Our decision as to eligibility for refunds shall be final and binding.

In the unlikely event that the seminar has to be cancelled for any reason, booking fees will be repaid in full. The Organisers shall not be liable for any other costs, charges, or liabilities whatsoever incurred by any applicant or as a result of, or in any way connecting with, such cancellation by the Organisers.

The Organisation reserves the right to reject any booking.

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