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9 February 2003:
redesign almost complete -- the skeleton is in place, and you get to watch while it evolves muscles, sinews, guts, scales? feathers? In short, all links now lead to pages, and those pages are increasingly populated with essays, slide presentations, book reviews, course syllabi, term definitions, anecdotes explaining origins of the work, and more.

  • delight * cite * invite! my web outreach strategy: offer valuable and provocative work on my website as thoughtware. express your appreciation of its value by using the "SUPPORT IF" button to pay me -- in an amount of your choosing -- for anything you download from this site. At the least, use the work provided here with the proper citations. At the most, contact me and invite me to work with you!
  • essays: here you will find thinkpieces and articles, both new and old; different muses inspired different pieces, and they are arranged accordingly, with most recent at the top of each list, and oldest last (futures work should be freshness dated!).
  • tools: and toys! here you will find both my toybox and my toolchest: access to step-by-step instructions, often written as participatory futures workshop designs, for various futures research techniques: incasting, futures wheels, cross-impact tables, futures/FAR tables, scenario building, visioning, strategy formation. Great material for teachers and trainers.
  • resources: from here you can access book reviews, bibliographies, course syllabi, and databases relevant to futures research and foresight -- and I have fairly wide-ranging ideas about what might be relevant to futures studies.
  • links: while not exhaustive, the links listed here will take you to some of the best web-based resources for futures studies, futures education and training, futures research, and whatever else seems critical and inspiring to me.
  • activities: this page offers examples of the work I do -- and includes powerpoint notes from keynotes, presentations, and lectures I have given.
  • discussion space: ask a question! start a debate! offer an image of the future! the discussion space allows you to participate in our infinite futures.
  • guestbook: want to offer a word of praise -- or suggest how I might make the site more useful? sign the guestbook!
  • site search: looking for something in the site, and just can't find it? try using the site keyword search.
  • what's new: if your last visit has faded from memory, this will tell you what's been added, and when.
  • about infinite futures: IF's raison d'etre, and my bio and CV.
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