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The Muse of Futures Studies:
All these essays concern futures studies as a research activity, philosophy -- or management challenge.


The Muse of Change:


The Muse of Leadership:


The Exasperated Muse:

  • Learning to Love being Appalled (Astonished, Afraid, Amused, Aghast, A Futurist [all of the above])
  • Caught between a Critique and a Hard Science ( a rebuttal)
  • Futures Studies: Not a Science, but a Performance Art
  • Who ARE these people, and WHY don't they do their homework?


The Pedagogical Muse:

  • Pies in the Sky: Cooking up Cultures of the Future. An essay about my comparative governance class, also known as the "Mars colony" class, the name of which morphed over several years, but when last taught was "Creating Cultures for the 21st Century." The disguise as a cultures class (much to the mystification of my anthropological colleagues) occurred because it initially was cross-listed as a "Cultural and Economic Change" course in Human Sciences... but the essay explains most of this.
  • The unpublished ABS article: "Teaching People to Daydream Effectively" Note: hardhat area -- writing in progress -- beware exposed outlines and unfinished phrases. An overview statement of my philosophy of teaching and my perspective on our possible and preferred futures, and on futures studies itself..
  • Futures Fluency: Explorations in Leadership, Vision, and Creativity (copyright © 1995, Wendy L.. Schultz) -- my Ph.D. dissertation: limited given the explosion of literature on related topics that has occurred in the almost ten years since I submitted it, but still marked by a clarity of style that makes it unusual among dissertations, and also makes it a useful first reading in futures studies. Chapters will be posted as I translate them into html.
    • Chapter Three: Vision
    • Chapter Five: Futures Fluency -- a tour through the basic concepts of futures studies.
    • Appendix: Participatory Workshops Facilitators' Guide


The Lyrical Muse:

  • The Parable of the Sky Islands (should be crosslisted under Exasperated)
  • Sermon and Prayer (no, really).
  • A filk (if you don't know what a filk is, you need to brush up on your popular media culture): Straczynski's Lullaby.
  • "Moonlight on the Ocean," the draft intro for the Hawaii Ocean Resources Management Plan which was "too beautiful for government work." Go figure.


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