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for 2033

Step One: the personal -- individual goal statements.
We are imagining the world as "the best it can be" for 2033 (30 years out). State three (3) social, cultural, or civilizational "achievements" that you would like to see realized 30 years from now. Bring your new futures expertise (I.e., everything you've learned/thought about from reading your coursepack to date) to bear in the most hopeful and optimistic mood you can summon. BE VERY SPECIFIC, CONCRETE, and DAY-TO-DAY. I.e., rather than "peace on earth and an end to violence," state those goals in meaningful, personal terms, such as "anyone can walk anywhere, anytime, and feel totally safe."




We will briefly share these with each other; you might want to take the opportunity to build on ideas you have heard to amend your own list.

Step Two: Individual Visions
With your goal statements in mind, you will now step into the world of 2033 - a 2030 in which all the goals you wrote down, thirty years ago in 2003, have been achieved: all your best hopes for the future have been realized.

Close your eyes; breathe in slowly.... now breathe out slowly.
Again: in....... out........
Imagine yourself to awakening from a deep and refreshing sleep; you find yourself lying on your back in soft grass on the crest of a hill. You feel sun on your face; looking up, you see blue sky and clouds moving. The breeze smells fresh, like meadowflowers. Sitting, you realize you are on the crest of a hill. Nearby you see a hedge -- there is an arched, white gate in the hedge. You walk up to it, put your hand on the latch, lift it, and pause -- anything could be on the other side. You push, and walk through the gate into the morning of (fill in with approprite day/month) 2033.

You look down the hill, and realize that it's true: every goal, every hope you had for 2033 has been achieved. 2033 is so different from 2003! What do you see? Hear? Smell? You walk down the hill, further into this changed world. What is a day in 2033 like?

Look for demonstrations that this world actually represents a way of life that incorporates your goals of thirty years ago. What are people doing -- the children, the elderly, the middle-aged, the men, the women? What kind of household groupings do you find, what kind of buildings; what is the physical environment like? Can you identify neighborhoods? Are there cities? What kinds of occupations do you see people following? Can you tell how community decisions are made, how people travel, make connections across distances? How do people of different ages learn new things? How are conflicts and differences handled? Is anyone playing? How do they play?

REMEMBER: You have brought your best hopes with you.

Draw, diagram, write or otherwise represent a summary of your vision on the piece of newsprint provided.

Step Three: from individual to group...
Share your vision -- SUCCINCTLY!!! [We don't have a lot of time here] --
with others in your group. Move quickly through the sharing, and LOOK FOR SIMILARITIES ACROSS ALL THE VISIONS IN THE GROUP. Next, LOOK FOR UNIQUE DETAILS IN EACH VISION that, while not shared, EVERYONE ELSE ADMIRES/LIKES/WANTS TO INCLUDE. WRITE THOSE DOWN; your group will be sharing BOTH categories of detail with the class as a whole.

Do any real conflicts or contradictions arise when comparing your individual visions? In any specific area [values, government, economy, politics, etc.]?

> Tools > Visioning > Experiencing the Needs of Future Generations | Vision Visualization Script | Group Visioning Exercise

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