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a script for guided visualization.

Close your eyes.
Breathe in slowly.
Let your breath out slowly.
Again: in..... out.....
Again, even more slowly: in...... out.....
Try to imagine that your stresses, your anxieties, your deadlines,
are rolling off your head, down your shoulders, down your arms,
and falling away to the floor.
Find a calm center inside yourself.
Keep your eyes closed.

You are awakening from a deep, very restful nap, a sleep filled with delightful dreams.
As you awaken, you see the sky, blue, sunny, white clouds scudding to the horizon.
You are lying on your back in thick grass.
Sitting up, you look around and notice you are sitting on a high hill. Around the top of the hill is a neatly trimmed hedge. You smell the grass, meadowflowers, the fresh breeze. Birds sing.
Standing, you walk over to the hedge, where you have noticed a white gate. Putting your hand on the latch, you lift it, and pause -- anything could be on the other side. You swing the gate open, and walk into the morning of [fill in with date thirty years from today].. You begin walking down the path, each step taking you deeper into this new world that is [year thirty years from now].

You look down the hill, and realize that every goal you had for [thirty years from now] has been achieved: the best and highest hopes that you had for the future back in [current year] have ALL been realized. [Fill in with date thirty years from today]. is so different from [current year]. What do you see? Hear? Smell? You walk down the hill, further into this changed world. What is a day in [vision year] like?

What does the community toward which you are walking look like? What are people doing? How are children playing? Where are the elderly? Where are people working? What are they wearing? What do you hear -- voices? animals? running water? engines? Can you smell gardens? cooking? What else do you hear? What else can you smell? What are the textures you see?

As you wander through this community of [vision year], you look for [area of substantive interest: health, education, adjudication, governance, whatever] and find it. What is it like?

Take fifteen minutes to fully explore what [area of substantive interest] is like.
When you are ready, draw, diagram, or verbally summarize your vision for [area of substantive interest] on the newsprint provided.

> Tools > Visioning > Experiencing the Needs of Future Generations | Vision Visualization Script | Group Visioning Exercise

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